I am covered…..are you sure?

People think travel insurance is a waste of money, up until the very moment you wish you had coverage. Travel is an activity that can be an expensive endeavor, regardless of the mode, destination or time of year. What we encourage our clients to do is ensure they have adequate coverage prior to leaving on their journey. The category of coverages includes: delayed/lost/stolen baggage, trip cancellation/delay/interruption, medical incident, and rental vehicle to name a few.
Travel insurance can be purchased in several ways. First, start with your homeowners/renters/auto policy. For an extra few dollars per month, these policies could provide coverage for any vehicle rented. Another source of coverage are credit cards. Some cards offer secondary coverage that will pay for charges not covered by your primary insurance, which for most is the deductible. There are some cards that will offer primary coverage for rental vehicles, but this is quite rare in the industry. The counter agents are encouraged to upsell insurance and are pros at scaring the life out of you when you decline. Those fears can be dismissed knowing you will be covered in case of an unfortunate incident.
What about when you are traveling abroad and have a medical incident. Travel insurance can provide the assistance you need to identify a medical provider or make arrangements for repatriation, in cases where an injury or illness is severe. Having the ability to call a knowledgeable professional in a time of need is invaluable. Life happens, even when on vacation, so being prepared for the worst by having coverage will benefit you in the long run.
Trip interruption helps to pay any related expenses if you need to cut a trip short and return home early. Trip delay can be the difference between sleeping in a hotel airport and sleeping on an airport bench.
RLMorgen is a licensed agent that can provide the coverages that meet your needs. As you plan your journey, discuss with us how to protect your travel investment with a policy to help when you need it.

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