Human Resources through an inclusive lens

RLMorgen was started by a human resources practitioner that delivered equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) programs to organizations in the public, private, non-profit and education sectors.

The HR and EDI combination is valuable to organizations seeking to introduce or build capacity for EDI initiatives. Our team understands that clear and legally defensible policies are critical to the success of these endeavors.

Our work is guided by the principal of inclusion; employers must create opportunities for employees to be heard, to influence policy, and lead change. In an environment where talent can choose their employer, it is important that organizations show their best selves at every turn. People want to see a path for growth, Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) employees want to see themselves represented throughout the organization. For workplaces that may not have previously focused on this, RLMorgen can provide the guidance to lead you to creating a twenty-first century workplace that will attract the best and brightest.

Creating Conducive Learning Environments

We Truly Enjoy This Work

The RLMorgen team understands that employee development includes creating and providing professional development experiences that can both enrich and recharge your team.

RLMorgen has built relationships with industry suppliers where organizations can host board retreats, classroom instruction, or team building activities at off-site locations that reflect the personality of the organization. Our team loves to travel, and to introduce clients to places and experiences they may have never previously considered. Our inclusive approach ensured that building relationships with businesses and organizations that respect your organization’s resources is important.

Our team has traveled throughout North America, and parts of Africa, Asia and Europe. We have designed and delivered conferences in a variety of venues, from amphitheatres, to cruise ships to retreat centers, this portfolio helps to plan the event that will work best to meet your needs.

Conference and Event Planning

Conference and Event Management

RLMorgen has years of experience conducting on-site inspections and touring locations.  This is the due diligence phase designed to streamline the decision making process.

RLMorgen will identify and secure locations for annual conferences, training events, or personal events such as weddings or family reunions.  Our staff will develop the RFP, negotiate contracts for rooms, meeting space, and food and beverage as required.  Our team will negotiate the agreements and help you discover the venue that works best for your group and your budget.

If requested, our team can also develop calls for submissions when organizers need subject matter experts to serve as keynotes, panelist, or workshop presenters.

RLMorgen was established by a certified human resource professional with an unabashed love for travel. The philosophy is to aim high but spend low.  Our collective resources provide event planning and travel services to organizations as well as individuals. Referrals from previous and current clients are the primary source of new clients. We work to ensure you consider RLMorgen to meet your event and travel needs.

Goals and Values


• Empower clients with clarity of vision through exploration.
• Create meaningful interactions that assist clients in enjoying the journey as much as the destination.
• Meet clients where they are, providing an affirming approach to evaluating their choices and objectives.
• Customize career development approaches that meet the needs of both the employer and employee.


• Inclusion includes everyone
• ​Everyone has a purpose
• ​Everyone has worth
• Amplify voices in an equitable way
• ​Everyone deserves an opportunity to pursue their dreams​

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Reasons to partner with RLMorgen

  • We lead with Inclusion in delivering Diversity and Equity services
  • Full service Conference & Event planning
  • Certified Human Resources professionals
  • IATAN Accredited Travel Agency and Licensed Insurance Broker
  • Coaching and Mediation Services
  • Personal approach
  • Culturally Sensitive Team